Amy Phanphongsa-Syxomphou

What Is A Diet?!

Hey there! My name is Amy and I’m a dog mom to Minion. I am excited to share with you, my Foodie Adventures!

For years now, I have always said, “What is a diet?!” because I love to eat! Whenever I would wine & dine myself, I always order way too much plus an alcoholic beverage. Sometimes I will finish it all and there are times that I don’t.  Go big or go home, right?

I’ve created this page to share my foodie adventures along with my recipe recreation experiments with you. And yes, I said experiments because truthfully, I don’t know how to cook (professionally). When I do cook, I’ll eyeball the measurements, throw together whatever I think will pair well and hope it tastes good.

You’ll also find I eat a lot of my 3 P’s and Calamari throughout my adventures. My favorite things to eat are Pizza, Pesto, Pasta … in no specific order. If it’s on the menu, I will most likely order it. I will definitely order fried calamari as an appetizer though. That’s just a must so don’t be surprised if you ever eat with me.

Stay tuned and follow along my Foodie Adventures!

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