Broth Shabu

I’m back and have been busy revamping my website and trying different restaurants. Unfortunately, I haven’t made any time to write about my foodie adventures so bare with me. First up: Broth Shabu!

This restaurant opened up during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and has been a hit ever since. Everyone has their own pot burner which is super convenient and allows for a more personal broth customization. They also have a contact free menu which is accessible on your phone by scanning the QR code provided on the table. After you have viewed the menu, you will order your choice of broth. My personal favorite is their “Spicy Tonkotsu”. I am not sure how to describe the taste but it is good and definitely not spicy. Once everyone has ordered their broth, you are all able to freely serve yourselves at the vegetable and seafood buffet bar.

Upon returning to your table with your unlimited selections, your personal pot of broth should be waiting for you. You will then begin to order you choice of premium meats. The ribeye and New York meats are only one order per person so we normally order those first so we don’t forget about it. All the meats are thinly sliced for optimized cooking.

My setup

Broth Setup
Before adding to my broth
Spicy Tonkotsu mix
Everything mixed into broth

Broth Shabu also has appetizers on their menu. Yes, it is also unlimited so eat until your tummy is content! The appetizers do take a little more time because they are made upon ordering.

We always order the Furikake Fries which is basically fries drizzled with spicy mayo sauce and sprinkled with Furikake seasoning. The gyoza and kani cheese croquette (fried cheese) are also pretty good. I wouldn’t recommend their spring rolls though because they aren’t that great in my opinion.

As a recommendation, I would order more meats and get more from the buffet bar instead of appetizers to get your monies worth!


At some point, you will get full. But, there is always room for dessert! Don’t worry, the serving is just the right size so you won’t feel guilty and you can still enjoy it. Broth Shabu has two dessert options to choose from. The choices are Okinawa Brown Sugar Sundae and Matcha. I haven’t tried the sundae yet because I always get the Matcha. It’s pretty much vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with Matcha powder. This combination is really good and I always try to savor the powder in every spoonful until the end.

Save Room For Dessert!

Matcha Powder Ice Cream

Now, it’s your turn to visit! I’m considered a frequent diner already because I was there at least once a week at one point, LOL!!

Broth Shabu

5845 Spring Mountain Rd Ste A1-A4

Las Vegas, NV 89146