Frankie's Uptown

— A Neighborhood Bar —

— Home of the Strolls —

Frankie’s is still quite new. They recently just made one year and still holding on despite Covid-19 safety measures for restaurants. The last time I ate here was in October 2019 and I believe I am long overdue for another visit. It’s just a weird time to dine out.. But! This is a locally owned small business that every one should support during this time. #SupportLocal whenever you can!

When I was here, I made it right before Happy Hour was about to end. Luckily for me, I was able to order a couple of items from the Happy Hour menu. Who doesn’t like paying less?!

Frankie's Uptown Happy Hour Menu

First off, let’s get a drink and some Uppetizers.

Truffle Fries
Cherry Popper Calamari
Chicken Wings

Whenever I go out to eat, I tend to over order, especially if it’s my first time there. Well, take this night for example. I ordered Frankie’s Truffle Fries, Cherry Popper Calamari, and Chicken Wings. Of course I HAD to try their calamari because Hellooo, I LOVE CALAMARI. Frankie’s calamari is actually really good and I would definitely order it again. Everything here was really good, let’s just make that clear..

At first, I was just going to eat their appetizers but they are known for their “strolls”. I’ve never had one but they look like Stromboli. The strolls are approximately 12 inches long and can feed 1-3 people. They aren’t kidding either. With all the appetizers I already ate, the strolls were kind of hard to finish alone.

Frankie's Uptown Stroll
Aviator Stroll

I believe I had to take some of the stroll home. It was still good the next day as well! Maybe I need to take my boyfriend here next time we have a “cheat” day. Forever drooling until I can eat here again.

Check them out and support local!

Frankie’s Uptown

1770 Festival Plaza Dr #19

Las Vegas, NV 89135