Grays Banana Pudding

Pudding smiles in every bite!

Who doesn’t like banana pudding? I love banana pudding just as much as I love my 3 P’s and calamari! If it’s on the menu, I’m ordering it.

Luckily for me, there is now a small business that specializes in pudding! Bonus points: THEY ARE LOCATED RIGHT ACROSS FROM WHERE I LIVE!! How lucky am I?!

Not only do they have banana pudding, but they have other flavors to choose from. They recently just made a VEGAN pudding that is only available on the weekends. Grays also offers FREE samples so you can make sure you love it before you buy it.

After finding them on Instagram, I made it a point to come here for my birthday. I couldn’t just leave with the banana pudding. I had to pick another flavor as well. However, I really couldn’t decide so I left with 3 different flavors! 

Variety Pudding
Small puddings

Banana pudding is definitely my favorite. It has fresh bananas under the pudding as well. The cheesecake was pretty good too. The pistachio was a little too sweet for me but I still enjoyed it very much. Let’s be real, these flavors are my go-to for desserts!

Banana Pudding
Banana Pudding
Pistachio Pudding
Pistachio Pudding

I will leave you with this quote that is on their wall.

Grays Quote

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4601 W Sahara Ave Suite G

Las Vegas, NV 89102