StraightUp Cafe

Food trucks are very popular in Hawai’i. They sell cheap food, snacks, drinks and candy for those on-the-go and are typically called the “Manapua” truck.

StraightUp Cafe proudly serves quality Hawaiian food to the Las Vegas community. It’s our little reminder of home (Hawai’i’) away from home. I have been following them on social media for a little over a year now and I’m always drooling over their posts.

StraightUp Cafe Entrees
StraightUp Cafe Entrees

Alright, so I didn’t order all of this for myself if that’s what you’re thinking! My friends both ordered Poke bowls. I haven’t tried it myself.. yet. The Poke bowls are topped with cucumbers which is a little different considering most bowls are topped with green onions.

What did I order? I got the “mix plate” and asked for extra macaroni salad. Normally, they serve it with lomi salmon. My plate is the big one on the bottom. It has 2 scoops of white rice, BBQ chicken, Kalua Pork, and the extra mac salad I asked for. This plate was pretty filling that I HAD to save some for later! I nearly had a “kanak attack” after eating this. A “kanak attack” is Hawai’i’s version of a food coma. In other words, getting sleepy after a big meal.

Then, there’s the crab nachos pictured above everything that I ordered for everyone to share. I wouldn’t recommend saving the nachos for later because the chips would get soggy from the crab toppings. However, this one was pretty good and portioned enough to share!


Birthday Cakes by StraightUp Cafe

Dobash Cake
Dobash Cake Detail

9″ round Dobash Cake ($27 + tax)

Besides food, they also make custom cakes! Dobash cakes are really popular in Hawai’i and this one tastes just like home! I don’t really know how to explain it but it’s pretty much a chocolate pudding sponge cake. Hopefully that’s pretty close.

I ordered my cake a week or two in advance because my birthday fell on Labor day this year (Sept. 7). Definitely had to make sure it was possible to order since it was a holiday weekend.

StraightUp Cafe recently took a break (as they should) since they work so much! Hopefully, they will return soon so I can visit one of their pop-up locations to get my Hawaiian food fix. Until then, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages!

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